Paintings—Karen Holt Classical Art & Portraiture

Major portrait commissions are filling Karen's calendar.

The portrait painting and unveiling ceremony honoring Margot & Bill Winspear, UNT College of Music supporters, has been completed; the 92 x 56 inch, full-length, life-size double portrait will be displayed for public viewing in the lobby of the Murchison Performing Arts Center, near the Margot and Bill Winspear Performance Hall, University of North Texas, Denton, TX.


The TCU Ranch Management Program’s 50th Anniversary was celebrated with the unveiling of a commissioned painting from Dr. Victor Boschini, Chancellor of Texas Christian University.  The oil painting, NEARBY…there is peace, by Karen, is a present-day depiction of a working cattle ranch, with graduates of the program on horseback.  Prints of the original are available and in demand.


From the TCU Magazine, Alma Matters:

Ranch Management Unveiling

As long as there's golden sunsets and green pastures, the cowboy way of life will carry on.
That's the sentiment evoked by artist Karen Holt's brilliantly hued painting that now hangs inside the Winthrop Rockefeller Building. Her work, a 28-inch by 45-inch oil on canvas titled "Nearby … there is peace," was commissioned by Ranch Management in celebration of the program's 50th anniversary. It was unveiled in a November ceremony attended by the TCU Board of Trustees.
"I think it's beautiful," Ranch Management Director Kerry Cornelius said.
The painting depicts two cowboys on horses wading into a stock pond to round up cattle. The inspiration for the scene, which appears to take place in the late afternoon, was real-life cowboys Bobby Harter '05 (RM) and Dusty Powell, who work on the Moncrief Ranch.
"They just gave me a true insight into what the program involves and what contributions it makes to the community and the world," Holt said.


The portrait of the young granddaughter of Jan & Bob Gillespie, Dallas, TX., is soon to be completed, while the life-size, double portrait of Betsy & Steve Palko will be unveiled this fall, to be exhibited in the Betsy and Steve Palko Educational Building, Texas Christian University.


DiscoveryShop...empower with Creativity

This outdoor event will be a time of relaxation, renewal, and self-discovery. It is designed for women, but can be customized to accommodate your personal needs, be it mixed groups, small (2-4), or even one-on-one learning.  Refocus your attention as you experience nature, environmental journaling, and creative exploration with a playful, colorful twist. You will be surprised as your creative possibilities come alive.

  • Begin to SEE with new eyes, enhancing creative exploration and innovative thinking.
  • Tap into new sources for imaginative problem solving and idea generation.
  • Enrich your daily life, understanding, and communication capacity-and... relax.

Note: Art experience is not a requirement-only a desire to increase self-understanding, to make each day more meaningful.

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DiscoveryShop FOCUS
A one-day experiential learning event designed for returning DiscoveryShop graduates who “still want more". It will be a day to explore, expand, and recharge your Creativity. Please join us as we refocus our perspective--reconnecting with our natural environment and with each other. Your DiscoveryShop Tool Kits will be utilized.

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The Book—CAN YOU SEE ME? An Unveiling of the Human Spirit

An exquisite collection of paintings and poetry by Karen Holt that helps us see, hear, and know ourselves and others better. It underscores the healing and transforming power of creative expression, speaking directly to our hearts in a language that is universal...a painting.
Available now, this is an ideal gift for those with an appreciation of art that celebrates truth, beauty and our indomitable human spirit, a book that will be opened again and again.
Visit the Books section of this site for more information on how to add to your collection.

The Mission—working to nurture, enrich, and empower the lives of others.

Karen’s book, art, and creativity are teaming with other organizations, each with a similar mission. Most recently she has collaborated with St. Anthony’s Foundation, OKC, OK; Dallas Women's Museum, Dallas, TX; Collin County Children's Advocacy Center, Plano, TX; Family Place, Dallas, TX; and Texas Council on Family Violence, Austin, TX.

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Karen & Ron
"Our aliveness depends on our ability to sustain wonder."